FWL & Associates
Consultancy + Change Management for Local Government


Our Purpose

At FWL & Associates, we understand the huge challenges facing the public sector. Our associates have a wealth of first-hand experience across the breadth of children’s services, making us your trusted partner for any transformation or change management project.

Rather than arriving with off-the-peg solutions, we will work with you and your stakeholders to understand your needs and challenges. Together, we will identify options for change that will work for your children and families, your local area, and your organisation.

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Our Approach

We listen to you and your stakeholders.

We learn about your local area, current practices and future challenges.

We work with your partners and stakeholders so that we can understand the whole picture.

We shine a light on your services with a fresh pair of eyes.

We use our wealth of knowledge and experience to ask the right questions.

We challenge current practices in a constructive collaborative way.

We explore options and solutions with you throughout.

We guide you through your implementation phase if required.

Our Expertise

Our associates bring together a wealth of experience across a range of public sector children’s services.

The beauty of our associates model is that you will not only be teamed up with a consultant whose expertise matches your specific project, but you will also be able to tap into the skills and expertise of the rest of our team.

Our Track Record

Individually and as a network we have extensive experience of delivering successful projects within the public sector. Many of our projects originate from referral and recommendation, and often contracts are extended on the basis of our effective and collaborative approach.

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Our Services

Our services are wide ranging, but we have particular experience in:

Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) agenda

Joint Strategic Needs Assessments

Options exploration and appraisal

Service review & redesign

Consultation & co-production

We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature
— Edmund Burke